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Safety at work and reduction of accidents

We are committed to the active development of safety at work. Accident prevention is the priority in our safety work. During 2017, we harmonised our safety practices and developed our safety culture.

Main events in 2017

  • The Group’s safety practices were harmonised.
  • A new system was introduced in the accident reporting.
  • Work safety remained at a good level. The figures of Raisio’s workplace accidents and sickness absences are significantly lower than the Finnish food industry average. 
  • With sickness absences, we moved to the self-certification practice.

We make annual action plans to improve workplace safety. Raisio has established safety organisations. In addition, we conduct occupational health and safety inspections and rounds, and investigate each accident in accordance with our guidelines.

In 2017, we encouraged the staff also to report positive safety observations and near miss cases. More information about the safety project started in 2017 here.

Raisio started the use of self-certification practice with short sickness absences at the beginning of 2017. If an employee is suddenly taken ill and the sickness does not require medical appointment, a phone call to the superior is sufficient and the employee can start his/her sick leave. With the phone call, an employee is allowed to stay at home one day at a time but not more than three days. We have received positive feedback from our employees and superiors on this practice. The self-certification practice is now also experimented with the sickness cases of children under 10 years of age. The Group’s average number of sickness absences amounted to 2.8 per cent of theoretical working time, which was almost at the last year’s level for the continuing operations.

Objectives for 2016-2018

  • Continuous reduction in the frequency of workplace accidents 
  • Ensuring uniform reporting of occupational accidents
  • Continuous reduction in sickness absences

The figures in the graphs below include Raisio’s continuing operations only.

Accidents at work
Absences due to illness