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Hyvinvointia terveellisestä ja hyvänmakuisesta ruuasta

Well-being from healthy and tasty food

Healthy food is Raisio’s core business. Cholesterol-lowering Benecol products and Elovena, Nalle and Provena wholemeal products make healthy eating easy and tasty. With our healthy products, we promote consumers’ well-being in a natural way. 

Main events in 2017

  • 65 per cent (63 per cent in 2016) of Raisio’s foods were healthy alternatives in their own categories, i.e they met Raisio’s health criteria. 
  • Sugar levels were reduced in many Elovena instant porridges.
  • New Benecol yogurt drinks with no added sugar were launched.
  • The amount of salt was reduced in many products.
  • In terms of flavours and colouring agents, we prefer natural alternatives. 
  • Sustainably farmed, healthy Benella White Fish was launched in the autumn 2017.
  • Raisioagro’s feeding programme Kestävää tuottavuutta (Sustainable Productivity) enhances the cow well-being.

Comprehensive healthiness

Instead of focusing on individual raw materials or nutrients, Raisio wants to emphasise the comprehensive healthiness and flavour of the products. As we develop our healthy products, we pay special attention to the amount of wholemeal and fibre, the quality of fat and the amount of sugar and salt. Raisio has defined health criteria for each of its product categories; the criteria takes into account the essential health matters in each category.  The limit values of nutrients are based in the expert group recommendations, such as The Heart Symbol and Nyckelhålet criteria.

Our goal is that 2/3 of our foods meet our health criteria by the end of 2018. We have been resolutely moving towards our goal by sharpening the recipes of our existing products and by launching healthy new products. In 2017, already 65 per cent of our foods were healthy alternatives in their own categories as the starting point was 61 per cent in 2015.  

Consumers show a very strong interest in food and nutrition. Different, even conflicting, and frequently changing messages of what to eat may confuse consumers who want to eat healthy. With the product development, Raisio consistently complies with generally accepted principles on healthy food confirmed by the food science. 

Health claims communicate reliability

Raisio’s products have many EU-approved health claims that require strong scientific evidence of health benefits. In our marketing and labelling, we follow the EU guidelines on health and nutrition claims.

Cholesterol-lowering Benecol products are functional foods. EU has granted plant stanol ester, the Benecol product ingredient, a disease risk reduction health claim. According to the claim, plant stanol ester is proven to lower serum cholesterol levels.  High cholesterol is a risk factor for coronary heart disease. 

Benecol affects the heart health of millions of consumers. Its daily use effectively lowers serum cholesterol already in 2 - 3 weeks. In the UK, the biggest Benecol market, the products are used by some two million households. Benecol product marketing highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle in cholesterol lowering. 

Whole grains have several studied health benefits. For example, oat has three EU-approved health claims: it lowers blood cholesterol, reduces the increase of blood sugar after meals and promotes digestion. 
Raisio’s grain products are known as Elovena, Nalle, Sunnuntai, Provena, Torino and Nordic products. Healthy whole grains contain natural vitamins, minerals, fibres and good fats. Together with the Turku and Helsinki Universities and Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Raisio participates in a study further investigating the health effects and features of oats. 

New products 2017

  • Elovena snack ice cream contains sugar only moderately, just a bit of hard fat and plenty of wholegrain oats. The snack ice cream was awarded for the Innovation of the Year in the Iltalehti’s Golden Pepper competition. 
  • Elovena overnight porridge mix makes it easy to prepare the trendy overnight oatmeal. 
  • Oaty, low-sugar Nalle Strawberry-Cocoa Biscuit Muesli complements the Nalle product line promoting especially children’s healthy diet. 
  • Benecol minidrinks with no added sugar are new products desired by consumers. 

Cooperation with organisations

  • Raisio cooperates with several organisations promoting heart health, such as European Atherosclerosis Society, Heart UK and Finnish Heart Association.
  • Raisio and the Finnish Athletics Federation (SUL) continued their long-term cooperation in the children’s nutrition and physical education. Elovena Power Days were organised in primary schools around Finland.
  • Raisio continued its cooperation with WWF Finland aiming to make responsible consumer choices easier, ensure the environmentally responsible raw materials and promote sustainability of Finnish fish farming, among other things. 
  • With its Pink and Blue Bales campaign, Raisioagro raised a total of EUR 25,000 to the Breast Cancer Association Europa Donna Finland and Eturauhassyöpäyhdistys Propo ry. In the campaign, we sold pink and light blue bale wraps and part of the proceeds was donated to the support activities of the cancer associations.

Objectives for 2016-2018

  • 2/3 of our foods are healthier alternatives in their own categories. 
  • We continue to reduce the amount of added sugar in our products.
  • We will launch healthy foods that meet consumers’ changing needs.
  • We will develop cattle and fish feed innovations promoting well-being of people and animals.