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Target-oriented Responsibility Programme

Raisio’s Responsibility Programme for 2016 – 2018 sets objectives and indicators for the selected, material sustainability themes. In 2017, Raisio determinedly promoted the targets of the responsibility programme throughout the Group.

Objectives of the Responsibility Programme support the implementation of Raisio’s business strategy. Responsibility Programme is a practical tool to be used in Raisio's responsibility work: it sets targets and indicators for important responsibility themes to the company management and personnel. All businesses are committed to the implementation of the programme.

The Group’s Responsibility Programme has three themes that are material to every business.  To promote these themes, concrete goals and indicators were determined to monitor the progress.

Raisio’s Responsibility Programme supports the business strategy and is focused on material responsibility issues. Key parts of Raisio’s value chain are matters related to responsible raw material procurement, environmental responsibility, and health and safety at work. Since these themes were also highlighted in Raisio’s Materiality Assessment, they are also the key themes of our Responsibility Programme.

Raisio's Corporate Responsibility Programme

Key themes in Raisio’s Responsibility Programme

Sustainable food chain

  • Ethical and environmental aspects are related to the raw material procurement. The management of these aspects is material to Raisio.  In addition, Raisio aims to reduce the environmental impact of its production and affects the sustainability of milk production and fish farming through its feed innovations.

Healthier food 

  • Healthy food is at the core of Raisio’s strategy and meaningful to consumers. Raisio never compromises on product safety.

Safety and well-being at work

  • Safety and well-being of the personnel are of prime importance for Raisio. Committed personnel ensure the quality of products, the reliability of processes, and the ability to develop new products that interest consumers and customers. 

Raisio has also identified other responsibility-related issues on which the company is actively working. The Responsibility Programme brings together all responsibility themes material to the whole Group. Raisio’s focus is on these themes 2016 - 2018.

For the second year priorities in the Responsibility Programme, we chose the development of responsible procurement, healthy foods and the personnel training on responsible practices. Part of the programme implementation is continuous work and quality assurance.