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Responsibility at the core of Raisio

Raisio Group is an international food and feed company focusing on well-being and profitable growth. Raisio’s business includes healthy and responsible branded products. Responsible approach and respect for social and environmental impacts are an important part of Raisio’s activities.

Raisio’s mission is the basis of the responsibility work: Raisio makes the world a better place.

Raisio develops its operations to become increasingly responsible. Expectations of stakeholders significant to the company operations guide this development work. Responsibility work promotes Raisio’s strategic objectives and business operations.

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Management of responsibility risks

Raisio has identified risks related to responsibility and assesses them systematically and regularly. The responsibility risk assessment is updated annually. 

Climate change is the Group’s most significant environmental risk. Changing climate may affect energy prices and farming conditions as well as the availability and prices of agricultural raw materials used by Raisio. For climate change mitigation, Raisio aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to start using renewable energy whenever economically viable.

The risk survey showed that human rights risks in Raisio’s operations are related to the supply chain and to the primary production of certain raw materials, such as soy, palm oil and cocoa. In terms of these raw materials, Raisio has already switched or is switching to the use of responsibility certified raw materials only. Soy, palm oil and cocoa together account for about 2 per cent of all raw materials used at Raisio.

Healthy food is one of the cornerstones of Raisio’s strategy and responsibility work. Consumers are overwhelmed by conflicting food information, which may cause uncertainty about healthy choices. In its product development, Raisio consistently complies with generally accepted principles on healthy food confirmed by the food science.

As for social and personnel matters, Raisio considers workplace accidents and the availability of skilled workers as its major risks.  Risks are managed by actively monitoring, for example, the number of workplace accidents, personnel turnover and personnel survey results as well as by taking measures based on the results.