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Raisioagro includes the cattle and fish feed businesses and the grain trade. Raisioagro’s key market areas are Finland and Northwest Russia. Raisioagro is a forerunner as an expert in the feeding of dairy cattle and farmed fish and an active developer of value adding digital services.

Main events in 2017

  • Net sales EUR 126.3 (126.6) million.
  • EBIT EUR 4.2 (3.7) million, accounting for 3.3 (2.9) per cent of net sales.
  • Net sales and EBIT improved particularly due to the growth of 30 per cent in fish feed export to Russia.
  • Sales in cattle feeds picked up at the end of 2017.
  • Average return on restricted capital increased to 14.7 (11.3) per cent.

Financial review

Raisioagro’s net sales totalled EUR 126.3 (126.6) million. Fish feed export to Russia increased by almost 30 per cent due to new capacity brought about by the new fish feed line and excellent weather conditions for fish farming. The grain trade business purchased some 10 per cent more grain for the production of Raisio’s foods. On the other hand, grain exports were significantly down from the comparison year due to low world market prices. In Finland, Raisioagro’s optimised cattle feed range met the diverse needs of dairy farms, but cattle feed net sales were slightly down from the comparison period. Planned sales reduction of low-margin farming supplies, such as liquid fuels and fertilisers, continued.

Finland accounted for over 75 per cent, Russia almost 20 per cent and other markets some 5 per cent of Raisioagro’s net sales. Russia’s share of net sales grew by almost five percentage points as a result of increased exports.

Raisioagro’s EBIT was EUR 4.2 (3.7) million, accounting for 3.3 (2.9) per cent of net sales. EBIT was primarily boosted by sharply increased fish feed exports to Russia. In the last quarter of 2017, cattle feed sales picked up and profitability improved.

Raisioagro continued its determined net working capital management. Net working capital further decreased by over 15 per cent, totalling EUR 4.9 (5.8) million. Raisioagro’s average return on restricted capital increased to 14.7 (11.3) per cent as a result of decreased net working capital and improved profitability.

Key figures for Raisioagro

    2017 2016
Net sales M€ 126.3 126.6
Comparable EBIT M€ 4.2 3.7
Comparable EBIT % 3.3 2.9
Items affecting comparability M€ 0.0 0.0
EBIT M€ 4.2 3.7
EBIT % 3.3 2.9
Investments M€ 3.3 1.9
Net assets M€ 25.6 25.7

Business operations

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