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Ensuring product safety is continuous work

Raisio does not compromise on product safety. Product safety is ensured in all stages of the supply chain from the product development and procurement to the production and distribution. The quality and safety of products are enhanced with certifications, audits, staff training and effective processes.

Main events in 2017

  • At the production plants, several external and internal audits were conducted related to the certification, product quality and traceability of raw materials.
  • The quality of the supply chain was ensured through several supplier audits.
  • The quality of Raisio’s products remained at an excellent level and no public recalls were made.

Raisio aims to produce safe products of high-quality so that product recalls are not necessary. However, if a product quality problem is detected, the recall is made without delay and reasons leading to the situation are examined carefully.

Certifications of Raisio’s production sites

  • Quality management system ISO 9001 
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001 
  • The BRC certification (level AA) of product safety and quality at the food production plants
  • Organic production certificate at the food production plants
  • Kosher certificate at the food production plants
  • Kosher and halal certificates in the Benecol ingredient production

Certifications and quality systems support the safety of production. The systems ensure, for example, the functionality of our traceability processes.

Objectives for 2016-2018

  • BRC certification of at least level A at the food production plants
  • Development of Raisioagro’s recipe accuracy
  • The number of public recalls will be zero