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Raisio’s personnel 2017

In 2017, Raisio continued to focus on the foods and feeds promoting well-being. Competent personnel make change and success possible. More than half of Raisio’s employees have a university degree and the competence is continuously developed according to the business needs.

Main events in 2017

  • At the end of 2017, the Raisio Group employed 399 people (1,405 in 2016).
  • The decrease in the number of employees is mainly due to the divestment of Raisio’s confectionery business in December 2017. Some 1,000 employees were transferred to the new owner with the business. 
  • The online training on the Raisio Code of Conduct was launched for all Raisio employees at the end of 2017. Staff in Finland was the first to take the new training.

The structure of Raisio’s personnel changed significantly as a result of the confectionery business divestment. Most of confectionery business employees worked in the production. Raisio employees are now even more educated; for example, the relative share of people with a university degree increased by 31 percentage points and the share of secondary school graduates and employees with comprehensive school background decreased by 19 percentage points. High level of education promotes Raisio's strategic goal to grow profitably.

According to the Raisio Code of Conduct, the Group complies with the regulations of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and with local collective agreements, regulations and laws related to work in the countries where the company operates.  

As for social and personnel matters, Raisio considers workplace accidents and the availability of skilled employees matching the company needs as its major risks.  Risks are managed by actively monitoring, for example, the number of workplace accidents, personnel turnover and personnel survey results as well as by taking measures based on the results. 

Raisio regularly reviews market salaries in order to maintain its competitiveness. Raisio’s wages and fees in continuing operations in 2017 totalled EUR 28.9 million (50.6 million including also discontinued operations) including other personnel expenses. The ratio of CEO’s pay to that of the average worker in continuing operations was 10:1. Out of the total personnel, some 50% are covered by collective agreements.

The figures in the graphs below also include Raisio’s discontinued operations, such as the confectionery business divested in December 2017.


Age distribution of personnel


Gender distribution of personnel

Gender distribution in group management team
Average age of personnel

Gender distribution in managerial positions

Gender distribution in Board of Directors

Average age of personnel by gender

Personnel turnover