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Operating environment

Raisio Group is an international food and feed company focusing on well-being and profitable growth. The core of our strategy is in the healthy and responsible branded products. Raisio closely follows the changes in consumers’ eating habits and launches new type of healthy breakfast and snack products.  Raisioagro is renewing the productivity, profitability and responsibility in the dairy and fish farming with its digital services and advanced feeding expertise.


Consumers show a very strong interest in food and nutrition. Different, even conflicting, and frequently changing messages of what to eat is one of the greatest phenomena of our time. Consumers are uncertain and increasingly aware of food-related matters. Reliable brands and products made of natural raw materials are popular among consumers.

Consumers prefer products made of natural raw materials.

Raisio has conducted consumer studies to find out the needs and motivations related to snacking, well-being, heart and stomach health and plant-based diet. Snacking is growing with busy lifestyles and at the moment, snacks already account for about 50 per cent of daily energy. Consumers are switching from self-made snacks to ready, on-the-go snacks. This trend is also growing the snack demand. Together with snacking, however, meals and eating together are becoming more and more important.

Strong growth in demand for plant-based food continued and consumers increasingly want to lighten their diets. This phenomenon is seen in snacking as well as in other meals. For Finnish consumers, natural raw materials, such as Finnish oat, meet the health and well-being related needs required from plant-based food.

In 2017, interest in oats continued also in other markets. Awareness of oats and oat products grew especially as a result of active export efforts. 


The structural change in the milk production continues.

The structural change in the milk production continues in Finland. In the coming years, the number of dairy farms will continue to decrease and the farm size to grow. Farm operations are also becoming increasingly professional. The downward pressure on milk price is levelling off, but it remains challenging to improve the dairy farm productivity and profitability. In Finland, profitability of the cattle feed business is particularly affected by the intense price competition and ability to pass on raw material and production cost changes into product prices. Finland has overcapacity in the production after investments, which means that companies with cost-effective processes and ability to add value to customers with new services will manage.

Demand for fish farmed in Finland continues to increase, but new fish farming licences and licences to increase the current quotas are rarely granted. Raisioaqua is the only Finnish fish feed producer. The business environment is fairly stable in Finland while in Northwest Russia, Baltic countries and Sweden, innovative feed producers have opportunities to increase business.

Demand for farmed fish continues to grow.

Higher efficiency in the production of animal protein reduces environmental impacts and improves the profitability of the entire production chain. Some of the agricultural inventions already help improve the efficiency of livestock production, but there is still potential for much more. In the fish farming, feed efficiency is already top-class and it is now possible to focus on innovations reducing environmental impacts.