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Objectives of Raisio Group’s Responsibility Programme 2016-2018

The targets of Raisio’s Responsibility Programme are under three material themes. The situation with our goals at the end of 2017 is presented below. In this Responsibility Report, we describe the progress of our Responsibility Programme in more detail. 

Sustainable food chain 2016 – 2018

Objective Status
We will further develop the responsible procurement of our key raw materials. Raw materials that we use the most include grains, particularly oats and wheat, and rapeseed. Work underway
We require our suppliers to operate in accordance with the company’s ethical guidelines (Supplier Code of Conduct). 75 per cent of the value of Raisio’s raw materials was acquired from suppliers who had committed to the company’s Code of Conduct in writing. 
We require that the suppliers to complete a Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire at least every three years. Work underway
We continue to purchase Proterra or RTRS certified soy. Achieved
We are committed to the use of GMO free raw materials. Achieved
We use only responsible palm oil. The responsibility of palm oil used in foods is improved by transferring to the use of physically traceable palm oil.  Work underway
We use only UTZ certified cocoa in our foods (excl. confectionery). Work underway
We continue to reduce raw material purchases from risk countries.  Work underway
We will improve energy efficiency  Work underway
We will perform energy audits at all our production plants at least every two years. Work underway
We will analyse material efficiency in terms of raw materials and other production inputs.  We will decrease waste at our production plants.  Work underway
We will use recyclable materials in our product packages. Work underway
We continue to develop and commercialise innovations that benefit the environment and our customers. Work underway


Healthier food 2016 - 2018

Objective Status
2/3 of our foods are healthier alternatives in their own categories. 65% of our foods are healthy
We will develop cattle and fish feed innovations promoting well-being of people and animals. Work underway
We will maintain the BRC certification at our food sites. Achieved
Raisioagro aims at an excellent recipe accuracy in its feeds. Work underway
The number of product recalls will be zero. Achieved


Safety and well-being at work 2016 – 2018

Objective Status
Continuous reduction in the frequency of workplace accidents Work underway
Continuous reduction in sickness absences Work underway
Improved employee satisfaction Work underway
Continuous development of employees and the scope of performance appraisals toward the target of 100 per cent. The scope of performance appraisals was 91 per cent.