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Well-being at work and competence development

Well-being at work and competence development

We take care of employee well-being by focusing on good leadership and supervisory work, on effective interaction and internal communications, and by promoting a trusting work environment. We prepared development plans based on the personnel survey conducted in the autumn. We continuously develop personnel competence with the annual HR reviews.

Main events in 2017

  • Based on the personnel survey, we prepared development plans to further develop well-being at work for 2018.
  • Well-being at work was promoted with various events and trainings.
  • In the competence development, in addition to occupational training, we focused on employee well-being, digitalisation, data security, nutrition and development of superior work. 
  • The Group spent EUR 387,000 (2016: EUR 420,000) on the training of its employees. Employees were also provided with several internal training events. 
  • The scope of performance appraisals was 91 per cent.

Development through personnel survey

We carried out a renewed employee survey in the autumn 2017. The results showed that Raisio’s employee satisfaction is at good levels. Our employees were particularly satisfied with the content of their work, their teams, and superior work. Based on the results, the units prepared development plans, which will be implemented during 2018. 

Especially smooth everyday work, good work atmosphere and cooperation affect the work satisfaction. We also promoted work well-being by organising various staff events. On Valentine’s Day, employees were encouraged to give positive feedback to their workmates. In the autumn, we participated in the event Unelmien työviikko; employees were offered, for example, factory rounds and well-being lectures. The UK Benecol team participated in charity events, such as Heart UK’s walking event.

With our Age Programme, we want to support the well-being of older workers and their career extension. Last year, we promoted Raisio employees of over 55 years with the Terveenä eläkkeelle programme including, for example, personal physical examinations, keep-fit classes and gym exercises. 

Versatile competence promotion 

We develop our employees’ competence annually based on the business needs, assessment of personnel resources and personnel survey. In addition, we agree on personal development plans in the performance appraisals. 

In 2017, we organised staff training on, for example, digitalisation, work well-being, communication and interaction skills, innovation activities, data security, nutrition and development of superior work. Remote connections allowed broad participation.  In Finland, Raisio’s superiors and experts together with participants from other companies attended the Future Excellence training focusing on the business management and development. 

Sales staff in Finland and Poland implemented together a Retail Clinic where they developed good practices for cooperation with retailers.
In Finland, Raisio’s cooperation with schools and institutes continued in the form of practical training periods and final projects, particularly among students working in the ordering and supply chain. In addition, Raisio continued as a partner in the sixth graders’ Me & MyCity project and started cooperation also with the ninth graders.

Objectives for 2016-2018

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Continuous development of employees' competence
  • Development of superior and workplace skills
  • The scope of performance appraisals toward the target of 100 per cent

The figures in the graphs below include Raisio’s continuing operations only.

Number of permanent and fixed-term employment relationships

Number of full-time and part-time employment relationships

Employees' education

Lenghts of employment relationships