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Healthy Food 2017

Healthy Food

Raisio’s well-known brands Elovena, Sunnuntai, Provena, Torino and Nordic provide consumers with familiar favourites and innovative new products. The markets of Healthy Food business include Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Baltic Countries, Denmark and Poland. In 2017, Raisio launched many novelties of which Elovena snack ice cream was the most innovative.

Main events in 2017

  • Sales in Elovena products increased by 10 per cent.
  • Elovena product range expanded with the snack ice cream and overnight porridges.
  • Nalle, families’ breakfast and snack brand, renewed.
  • Oat products were launched in Poland under the Nordic brand.
  • In Russia, sales volume for Nordic products increased.

Financial review

Net sales for the Healthy Food business totalled EUR 72.1 (69.7) million. Net sales and EBIT for Northern European operations were up from the comparison year. This was mainly due to the strong sales growth in Elovena products and the flour deliveries to a major Finnish bakery customer started at the beginning of 2017. 

Net sales and EBIT in euros for the Eastern European operations in Russia and Ukraine improved from the comparison year. The exchange rate development of the Russian rouble in 2017 was strongly positive for Raisio. The Eastern Europe accounted for almost 20 per cent of the Healthy Food business net sales.

Business operations

In the study carried out by a market research company Taloustutkimus, Elovena is Finland’s sixth most valued brand. Elovena’s brand look was renewed in 2017. Elovena’s new brand communication is easy to understand.  In 2017, Elovena launched new snack ice creams, overnight porridges and savoury biscuits.

Elovena, Finland’s 6th most valued brand.

Sales in Elovena products increased both in value and volume by about 10 per cent. Particularly good sales growth was seen in Elovena porridges and snack biscuits. In Finland, Elovena is the market leader in porridges and snack biscuits. In 2018, Raisio will continue to launch new Elovena products in existing and new product categories.

Families’ favourite brand Nalle renewed.

Raisio’s Nalle was completely renewed in 2017; Nalle is a breakfast and snack brand for families with children. Tightening competition affected the Nalle flake sales as the porridge range expanded sharply and retailers strongly supported the sale of their private labels. In 2018, the Nalle line will be expanded with healthy new products.

Demand for gluten-free products continued to grow and the product range in stores has expanded considerably in recent years. Gluten-free Provena oat products have gained a strong position among both celiac and other consumers following a gluten-free diet, especially in Finland. Sales in Provena products were slightly down from the comparison year.

Sunnuntai is a traditional baking brand and the market leader in Finland. Sales in Sunnuntai products did not reach the comparison year level as retailers’ invested strongly in sales of their private labels. The Sunnuntai brand and product range will be renewed at the end of 2018.

Torino oat, rye and wholemeal pastas are known as healthier alternatives on the pasta shelf. Their sales were at the comparison period level.

Russian consumers value the Nordic products. 

Raisio launched renewed Nordic oat products in Poland. The brand with a message of the Nordic nature and the excellence of Finnish oat has been welcomed. Raisio continues to invest in the exports of its oat products.

Raisio exports to Russia and Ukraine its Nordic flakes and snack biscuits and gluten-free Provena products, all made in Finland. In Russia, sales for Nordic products decreased in local currency while sales volume increased. In Ukraine, sales in Nordic flakes increased by about 15 per cent.