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Raisioagro 2017

Fish feeds

Main events in 2017

  • Weather conditions were ideal for fish farming during the review period.
  • A 30 per cent increase in exports to Russia.
  • Investment in value adding digital services continued. A new tool Kasvuluotain® launched for fish farmers.
  • Benella Rainbow Trout fillet launched in Kesko’s Pirkka Parhaat premium product line.
  • Launch of the Benella White Fish.

Financial review

The share of fish feeds of Raisioagro’s net sales of EUR 126.3 million increased to about 25 per cent. The key markets for fish feeds are Northwest Russia and Finland. Almost two thirds of fish feed volume was from exports.

Benella White Fish available in Finland.

2017 was a record year for Raisioaqua; weather conditions for fish farming  were excellent and we were able to meet the growing demand because of the new fish feed line. Exports to Russia increased by almost 30 per cent while in Finland, sales were slightly down from the comparison year.

Added value for customers with Kasvuluotain®

Raisioaqua continued its strong investment in the development of digital services. Raisioaqua’s strong feeding expertise is used in the company’s digital services that create added value for customers with solutions analysing the data generated by fish farmers.

Kasvuluotain® tool was developed for fish farmers to make their everyday life easier. The tool was introduced in 2017. Kasvuluotain enables the optimisation of fish feeding and minimises the entry of nutrients into waterways as the application makes fish growth monitoring and feed dosing easier. Kasvuluotain is already in use at several fish farms.

Business operations

Sitra put Benella fish on its list of the most interesting circular economy companies.

In January 2017, the Nordic Council of Ministers put the Benella fish, based on Raisioaqua’s feed innovation, on its 25 Nordic pioneer list. The selection was based on innovativeness, sustainable development and a new business model giving the fish farmers a permission to use the Benella brand. In December 2017, Sitra put Benella fish on its list of the most interesting Finnish companies and products in the circular economy.

In Finland, Benella’s success continued and Kesko launched Benella Rainbow Trout fillet in its Pirkka Parhaat premium line. Benella White Fish was launched in the autumn. In addition, the Benella concept was introduced in Russia and Sweden in 2017.

Raisioagro’s fish feed business, Raisioaqua, continues its efforts to increase the Benella fish awareness and Benella product range. Benella is fresh, healthy and responsibly farmed fish from Finland.

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