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Sustainable production

Sustainable production – smaller environmental impact

Raisio uses renewable raw materials in its products and develops its production in a sustainable way taking environmental impacts into account. The key goals of Raisio’s environmental responsibility are the improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.  

Main events in 2017

  • Significant investment in renewable energy: Raisio’s own bioenergy plant completed in Raisio's industrial area in the summer 2017.
  • The Group-level carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 45 per cent.
  • Almost 70 per cent of the energy used at Raisio was carbon neutral.  
  • Raisio achieved its goal and no longer produces any landfill waste. 
  • Nearly 80,000 kilos of phosphorus and 400,000 kilos of nitrogen were removed from the Baltic Sea with fishmeal used in the Baltic Blend fish feeds. 
  • Sustainably produced Benella White Fish launched
  • The Kestävää tuottavuutta (Sustainable Productivity) programme decreases environmental impacts of dairy farms. 

In 2017, the Group’s energy supply changed considerably when the new bioenergy plant was introduced in the Raisio industrial area. The impacts of the plant on Raisio’s operations are extensive. The use of self-generated bioenergy reduces carbon dioxide emissions significantly, increases the share of renewable energy of the total energy use and reduces the amount of purchased energy. 

Raisio’s operations cause environmental impacts both through product manufacturing and throughout the life cycle of products. The carbon footprint label on about 20 product packages shows the size of these impacts. The environmentally friendly Baltic Blend fish feed and the Kestävää tuottavuutta (Sustainable Productivity) programme for dairy farms also lower the environmental impacts of the fish and milk production. 

Raisio reports the environmental impacts arising from its production for continuing operations. In 2017, Raisio had six production plants, all in Finland. The confectionery business divested in December 2017 is treated as a discontinued operation.  

Raisio operates in accordance with the rules and regulations. No significant environmental damages were identified in the Group’s offices and the Group received no fines or sanctions for violations of environmental legislation in 2017. 

Raisio’s production plants are not located in protected areas or in areas of high biodiversity value, or in their immediate vicinity. All Raisio’s production plants have the ISO 14001 environmental certification. 

Goals for 2016-2018

  • Improving the recyclability of product packaging.
  • More efficient energy use.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and favouring carbon neutral energy.
  • Improving material efficiency.
  • Continuing the development of innovations with benefits to the environment and customers.