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Diverse value chain

Diverse value chain

Raisio’s value chain extends from the primary production of food to consumers. The company’s opportunity to influence and way of interacting in different parts of the value chain vary. Raisio’s ability and willingness to develop responsible foods and feeds promote the sustainable food chain.

Raisio affects the beginning of the value chain, i.e., suppliers, by following its responsible procurement principles. Raisio expects its suppliers to commit to the Supplier Code of Conduct concerning, for example, environmental responsibility, working conditions in line with international regulations, prohibition of child and forced labour, and anti-discrimination. Raisio’s procurement responsibility is described in more detailed here.

Some of Raisio’s branded products are manufactured by subcontractors who are required to follow Raisio’s operating and production practices. Raisio works closely together with the subcontractors and the agreements specify, for example, the quality requirements of raw materials used. 

Raisio purchases the grain from suppliers near its production facilities. Almost all Raisio’s grain products are made in Finland, and some 95 per cent of the grain is Finnish. Raisio’s contract farmers commit themselves to adopt environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Understanding consumer needs and eating habits plays the key role in the development of the product range. Raisio is constantly examining changing consumer needs and behaviour.  This way, Raisio can provide retailers with interesting and reliable branded products in line with consumer wishes. The company also invests in its brands to keep them commercially interesting. Trade organisations, catering companies and industrial customers set us criteria regarding the product responsibility and require reporting of responsibility issues.

At the higher end of the consumer products value chain, Raisio influences consumers communicatively, for example, through nutritional guidance, environmental labels, recipes and tips how to use the products. Raisio is engaged in a continuous dialogue with consumers in social media and customer service channels, among other things. Consumers are interested in the responsibility of Raisio’s brands, for example, the origin of raw materials.

Raisio influences dairy and fish chains by providing producers feeds promoting profitable and sustainable agriculture. Raisio's feeding solutions improve the yields and affect the animal welfare. Innovations related to the farmed fish feeding have significantly reduced the environmental impact of the fish chain.

Raisio plc’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The company has over 39,000 shareholders and about 400 employees. Raisio operates in 11 countries and has production plants in four towns in Finland.

Raisio divested its confectionery business to Valeo Foods Ltd on 29 December 2017. The divested confectionery business included six UK and Czech production plants with some 1,000 employees. In the Corporate Responsibility Report, we report the results and key figures of Raisio’s continuing operations only.