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Healthy, convenient porridges to meet consumer wishes

Healthy, convenient porridges to meet consumer wishes

Porridge is not just for breakfast anymore. It is increasingly eaten as a snack and for lunch. Instant and overnight oats have diversified the range and uses of oatmeals. In 2017, Raisio sold flakes and instant oats for almost 450 million porridge bowls.

Wholegrain oats are naturally rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. The easiest way to enjoy the health benefits of oats is to eat porridge. The success of porridges is linked to their naturalness and to the growing number of consumers interested in wellbeing. 

Sugar content reduced in instant oatmeals 

Two-thirds of the Elovena instant oats have the Finnish Heart Symbol indicating that the products are a healthier choice. To meet the consumer wish, we have reduced the amount of sugar in four of our Elovena instant oats. These flavoured porridges contain natural sugar that comes from oatmeal and from fruit and berries. 

Breakthrough for overnight porridges in 2017

No-cook overnight porridges increased their popularity. As it is eaten cold, prepare your oatmeal in the fridge the night before and it will be ready to enjoy next morning. Overnight porridge is mostly made of oat flakes, berries and yoghurt or quark.

Raisio launched Elovena Overnight Oats Mixes in the spring 2017. With these products, making overnight porridge is even easier as berries and fruits are included in the mix. These porridges come in two flavours: cranberry-coconut and orange-ginger. This novelty made overnight porridge better known and attracted new porridge eaters.