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Employee well-being development

Boosting employee satisfaction with common efforts

Raisio is experimenting with new operating models to promote employee well-being in the workplace. A group called A Great Workplace started in the spring 2017 in Raisio’s Healthy Food business. The inspired group has come up with new ideas and already implemented several improvements. Employee satisfaction of the Healthy Food business was found to be the best within the Group. 

To improve job satisfaction, the Great Workplace group members first surveyed the staff’s wishes. Superior work, internal cooperation and competence development were chosen as priorities for the development work.

Forward with solution-focused approach

The Great Workplace group found many solutions that could be immediately implemented. Information flow practices were speeded up and allocated to superiors, function presentations were started in connection of staff meetings, and opportunity for distant participation was improved.  

Raisio’s employees are interested in health and well-being. The company has supported employees’ spare time activities with, for example, Sport and Culture Vouchers. Team Elovena has attended various competitions, such as Venla Relay, FightBackRun and Ruissalojuoksut events. In addition, Raisio people participated in Unelmien työpäivä (A Workday of your Dreams) event in the autumn 2017.

Many small acts as well as changes in common practices have increased our employees’ well-being. For example, we have been encouraged to give feedback and to make better use of the feedback. In addition, we have clarified common ground rules, strengthened internal recruitment, and organised trainings on employee well-being. 

The Great Workplace group members also reminded us all about the importance of giving thanks. We have now, all together, celebrated our achievements and positive outcomes.