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No added sugar in new Benecol minidrinks

No added sugar in new Benecol minidrinks

Minidrinks have long been the most popular Benecol products. They provide the consumers a convenient way to get their daily dose of cholesterol-lowering plant stanol ester. In 2017, the range of Benecol minidrinks was expanded with new products with no added sugar.

Raisio studied the consumer segments of cholesterol-lowering products in 2017. The study showed that consumers are interested in healthy lifestyles, and want to have easy solutions for cholesterol lowering. Healthy diet is an essential part of the promotion of heart health and in addition, many consumers try to reduce the amount of added sugar in their diets.

Understanding the changes in eating habits has a key role in the development of Benecol products. Strong popularity of convenient Benecol minidrinks continued and new alternatives containing sugar only from fruit and milk diversify the range and respond well to consumer demand.

In addition to familiar flavours, three new products with no added sugar were launched at the end of 2017. The products were first available in the UK and will be launched in other markets at the beginning of 2018. Consumers have welcomed the new products and Benecol has also got new users thanks to the novelties.