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Accident prevention as the priority in Raisio’s safety work

In 2017, Raisio Group started to harmonise and develop its workplace safety culture. The aim was to standardise safety practices and to emphasise the importance of preventive safety work.Safe working environment is of paramount importance for all Raisio’s employees. Our staff are encouraged to pay attention to accident prevention, for example, by making safety observations and by reporting near miss incidents.

The safety project launched in 2017 has increased the employee awareness of safety matters. Already making the issue visible improves safety and reduces accidents. Uniform procedures concerning the whole Group help identify targets for development and build on what is already good. They also make the implementation of good practices easier in all units. 

Attention to good practices

Raisio’s safety terminology was harmonised.  We introduced the concept of positive safety observations referring to safety-enhancing actions or matters already in order, such as workplace cleanliness or exemplary use of personal protective equipment. In the future, Raisio will be also monitoring good practices related to safety.

For safety development and accident monitoring, Raisio introduced a new safety system to record all accidents and safety observations. The system was already launched in Finland January 2018. 
As an important part of its safety culture development, Raisio started safety training for all its employees at the end of 2017. The training will be continued in 2018.